Welcome to DDRP!

Welcome to the Darkest Dungeon Roleplay (DDRP)!

It’s a grim-fantasy Roleplay based on the game, Darkest Dungeon.

As a player, you will control your character as they endure insanity, pain, syphilis from trees, and ultimately die.

Or something along those lines!

New roleplayers are always welcome to join; no matter the stage of the roleplay.

To start off, read the Basic Rules; ensure you’ve got a solid understanding of them, then move onto the section to create a character off the simple template. If you need any pointers, the guide can be found here, or you can ask in the OOC linked below.

If you have any questions, you can find our OOC on the main website’s forum, here. Or you can contact the moderators directly at coolddrpmods@gmail.com


 Please, please, please read the everything on here CAREFULLY. There are a lot of nuances and people do not respond well when you break the rules they’ve made. This is especially important for new roleplayers, but also current ones as well; the rules are always changing. Keep an eye on our OOC thread for more information.


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