Basic Rules


-Absolutely no bullying or harassment of any kind
Try to be nice to eachother. We’re all here to enjoy ourselves and to roleplay. This refers mostly to out of character talk. Your heroes can be as mean and nasty as you want, so long as it’s in character.

-Keep it Tame
Try to keep content PG-13. Anything borderline must be put in spoiler tags.
No M stuff or beyond, please. There are places to roleplay that, but it’s not here.
Due to the nature of this roleplay, you are given more leeway with gore as long as it makes sense to the roleplay.

-Do not steal the characters of others
Generally we don’t have a problem with this. Just try to give your character some personality (but also don’t go overboard with it!). It is ok to have a character with the same class as another person’s character. Plaguedoc123 goes into more detail about how much leeway you’re given when making a character here.

-New characters must start at level 0
New heroes must start at level 0. You need to give your character room to grow and change. They should go up in resolve level as they would in the game, with each expedition making them more experienced… and more unstable. Refer to the character sheet template for more instructions.

-Heroes must be human
With abominations being the exception, but even then they take on a humanoid form most of the time.

-Heroes do not have unlimited wealth
New heroes will likely be strapped for cash and their actions need to reflect that. It is strongly recommended that you keep track of their wealth.

-Try to avoid adding things that don’t already exist in the in-game universe
Try to make an effort to stick to what’s canon. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, exactly, but more of a suggestion. If you have to use more than a sentence or two to explain it, or if it goes against the game’s theme, please try not to bring it in.

-In general, magic is used mostly by the enemies
In the game, the biggest magic users are the vestal and the occultist. The occultist’s magic is volatile and comes at, presumably, a horrible price. The vestal’s magic can only do so much, and is used more as a band-aid for healing. If you roleplay a character that uses magic, please try to reflect the in-game mechanics.
Remember that some in-game mechanics do not work quite as well when implemented in-roleplay. If you think a character’s magic could slightly be too powerful, it’s probably safer to take it down a notch.