Joining the Roleplay:
-Is it too late to join?
It’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever too late to join. We could have 100k pages and we’ll always welcome new RPers.

-How do I get started?
Preferrably, you would create a character sheet and a quick post on their backstory and appearance before you begin, but it isn’t necessary. You will need to create a character sheet eventually, though, to track their progress as they level up.

About Characters:
-Can I make a custom class?
Well… the short answer is ‘not really.’ You can have more leeway with your characters, i.e. you can have a crusader with a war-axe instead of a sword. But you have to choose the skillsets and stats of an existing class.
More info can be found here (this will be a link eventually once the class guide is up)

-Where do HP, stress, and other stats fit in?
It’s very convenient if you would put HP and stress in your signature to make it easier to keep track of during dungeons. But this is by no means required; just make sure to always keep note of how well your character is doing health and stress-wise.
Other stats, like resistances and quirks, would go on your character sheet.

-What about money?
Preferably, you’d track your character’s finances in some way to ensure they don’t have infinite wealth. Some players track it on the signature like they would stress and HP, but it isn’t required.

-What happens when my character gets a resolve test?
They would either go virtuous, or become afflicted. If you’re going by the game mechanics, the affliction would go away once the character’s stress was at 0.

Combat and Dungeons:
-How are dungeon runs carried out?
Usually, you’ll have a DM and about 3-4 characters per party. The DM doesn’t necessarily have to have a character involved in the dungeon run. Your characters will go in, accumulate stress, get booboos, and possibly die if it goes bad enough. All of this is ok.

-What is a DM?
A DM, aka Dungeon Master, is someone who controls the NPCs, loot, and RNG in the dungeon. Depending on who you have DMing your mission they can also decide hit chance, crit chance, dodge chance, etc.

-Could I DM?
Anyone willing to DM can do so, but if you’re new it would probably be best to read up on some other past expeditions to get the flow of things.

-What do we do with loot, heirlooms, and trinkets?
Loot is generally divided out between the heroes who have gone on the dungeon run, but it’s mostly up to the DM’s discretion (so be nice to your DM). Heirlooms can be given to the Heir for some compensation, and trinkets are left to be kept by the heroes.

-What about dungeon bosses?
Most people are unwilling to RP the canon bosses for plot reasons, but we do RP a huge amount of homebrew bosses. They’re a load of fun and you’re welcome to try your character’s life on one of them.

The Hamlet:
-How is stress relieved, and how are afflictions removed?
Same way as in the game: tavern or abbey activities, or slowly decreasing over time. Afflictions depend on who play it, but the general idea is to have your character’s stress back to around 0 before they’re not afflicted anymore.

-Do we still need to upgrade the town buildings?
Occasionally a town event will damage one of the town builders, and the players might need to help in building it back up, but… there aren’t necessarily slot limits for stress relief, so assume that all buildings function at maximum.

-Can the sanitarium still remove quirks and diseases?
They sure do, provided your character can afford it!